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Available Website Apps

Select from our library of wedding apps and plugins to add functionality to your pages and enrich your wedding website. Include as many apps as you like to any of your pages.


Display Pinterest boards that you or others have created to inspire your planning. You can specify a particular board, or show recent pins for all of your boards.

Twitter Updates

Integrate your Twitter feed to display your recent posts on any page of your website.

Eversnap Album

Display the latest photos guests have uploaded to your public albums via the mobile app Eversnap. Popup and navigate through full-size photos, too.


Create a form with elements like text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown menus to place within a website page. This allows you to obtain requested information for each guest. Include photos with your response options, too! Results can be managed online, or exported to a spreadsheet.

File Download

Post files for your guests to download FROM your website TO their computers. All filetypes are permitted.

Hit Counter

Track hits and display them as a counter on the page. This widget displays a counter reporting the number of hits a page has received. It is commonly placed at the bottom of a website's Welcome Page, but you can place it on any page of your website to record that page's hits independently.


Create a quiz for your guests. Build a very flexible quiz with this app, and place it on one or more pages of your website. Set up quiz questions and mix it up: create both open-ended questions or multiple choice, with one or multiple correct answers possible. You can even add pictures! You can also provide results in a summary for your wedding website visitors.

Facebook Comments

Allow visitors who are logged into Facebook to post comments on a page. Comments can be published on the poster's Facebook profile as well, linking back to your website.

Facebook Like/Send

Add Facebook Like and Send buttons to your wedding website pages.

File Upload

Allow your website visitors to upload files, such as photos, TO your website. Files are stored on your website's server until you download them to your computer. Set this app's preferences to allow visitors to view the uploaded files as well.


Create a poll to gather information from your guests. Build a very flexible poll with this app, and place it on one or more pages of your website. Set up poll questions and mix it up: create both free-form answers and multiple choice; you can even add pictures! Let guests provide suggestions or recommendations on anything you like.

Weather Report

Add a weather forecast report for any location to your website: you can select which details to add to the forecast via the Preferences tab.

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