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Read what some of our members had to say about our wedding website service. Want to share your own experience? Send us your thoughts using our Testimonial Form!

What a joy it has been to create our wedding website with Wedshare, it's SO easy to use & I'm having fun! I've been able to create an absolutely professional looking webpage that our friends and family can use. Really, the options are endless and we've had the choice to be as detailed and creative as we would like. We've already gotten thanks from many of our out of town guests; this is making their planning super easy & enjoyable! Thanks you so much Wedshare for making my wedding website dreams come true!
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~Arlynn & Matthew
Peachtree City, Georgia

This has been one of the BEST choices I've had to make during this busy time of planning and surge of communication! Not only was the web page easy to customize and easy to build, there weren't limits to the domain name or layout. The thing that made unique among websites is they allowed you to pick your own domain name AND use HTML- many of the other overpriced website services did not allow for this much creative control. Not only did I get a year of compliments from family and friends who wanted to be appraised of the every moment leading up to the wedding, it was incredibly easy to find five minutes to navigate the easy layout of my website features and add some text here and there OR spend an hour or two at my leisure creating media sections and customizing my layout. Plus, wedshare has proven to be truly professional and truly top quality. All my my inquiries were easily found on their FAQ page or quickly answered via email. They even helped me switch the domain name I loved so much from their services to my own (which happened to be .Mac). I can't say enough good things about and neither can my family and friends!
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~Danica & Matt
Azusa, California

We could have easily written our own website...... but with a wedding to plan..... Wedshare was the way to go. We found it easy to use, very user friendly and well designed.
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~Nancy & Luigi
Edmonton Alberta, Canada

Wedshare is another way to say " We Share". In this fast paced world, wedshare is a perfect example of how dynamic a simple invitation can get. We were thrilled at the idea of announcing our success in love blooming into marriage. We searched the highs and lows of the Internet World and finally found one site which would accomodate our needs, bells and whistles attached.

People who visited our page loved the idea (it has apparently not caught on in India yet). They thought it was the cutest idea ever.

Thank you wedshare for making things happen for us.

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~Ashok & Sunitha
Chennai, TN, India

Wedshare has been a lifesaver!! We use it to keep all of our friends and family informed of plans and events!! We have invited quests from all over the country and we can keep in touch so easily with our emails!! Our vendors and wedding planner love it too!! This was the first and best decision we made around our wedding!! Thank You!!
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~Laine & Dave
Seattle, Washington

I selected Wedshare based upon my daughter's recommendation! I wanted a site to promote my wedding music transcriptions and new CD, Expressions of Love. I needed a site that allowed music clips and was easy to transform by design. She created my site in time for the CD launch, and that ONLY happened because Wedshare is wonderfully simple, yet wonderfully complex with technology. You get a standing ovation from me-- Bravo!
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~Patrick Ferreri
Chicago, Illinois is the best choice for our wedding website because of its many easy-to-use features and its unique website designs. We were sold on after seeing their multiple cultural designs. We were absolutely thrilled to find a wedding website with a South Asian theme for our upcoming Indian wedding. The colors and templates are bold, classy, and modern, while still celebrating tradition. The features and templates are simple to use, and your still feels very personal. Another aspect that is fantastic about is that if you do have some HTML experience, you can write some of your own code in the textboxes which customizes your site even more! I love updating our website, and it's very simple to change the theme and colors of our site with just one click. is powerful with all of its features, yet still very simple to use. After seeing our website, two other couples that we know also created wedding websites! We would recommend to any couple, and we continue to receive compliments on our website every day. Thanks for everything WedShare!
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~Arun & Jeannie
Orlando, Florida

WedShare is Fabulous! I searched a long time for just the right site builder. Being a novice at building a website, we needed something that had ease of use but the quality look of a professionally built site. That is exactly what we got. In addition, we needed a website that allowed us to upload music that George had written himself. We had hoped for the capability of the site to automatically play the music and to be able to load more than one song. LOW AND BEHOLD with in a few weeks you all upgraded the music capabilities to do JUST THAT! We even had problems with our browsers with the fabulous new upgrades and within a couple of hours you all had come up with a patch to fix it! FANTASTIC! I have contacted tech support by email on a couple of occasions and the response has been prompt and efficient immediately handling any concerns or requests I had. We are planning on keeping our website up to share info as our family grows. Our coworkers, friends and family love our website. We even added a D.J. request box for a little fun. Thanks for great tools and great service.
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~Kelli & George
Atlanta, Georgia

Getting our wedshare wedding website was one of the easiest decisions we have made. It has enabled us to keep in touch with our guests coming in from out of state as well as out of country. In fact, my aunt in Canada is more up-to-date with our wedding plans than my own mom! Great job!
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~Peter & Sammy
San Jose, California

For several years, we have been wanting to improve the look, technological abilities, and sales possibilities for The Wedding Guide of Middle TN. There were many site builders, but none perfectly fit our needs. And then we found WedShare. It has the latest in technological features: a multimedia gallery that include videos, background music so we could feature our Nashville musicians and mp3 albums, ecards to send to our sponsors and our brides, an event calendar, polls/quizzes which we will use in the future, and so many more features. Existing pages can be modified or unlimited new pages can be added with a click. If you know how to use a word document and how to browse and upload jpeg files from your computer, you are set! You don't have to know HTML, yet there is the ability to add custom HTML to expand this site even further. In two weeks, we had our new site up and running..with the same URL. Any questions sent by email are returned the same day; they are a very responsive company! Thank you for designing WedShare!

I've created three websites in the past 4 months using Wedshare. There is NO comparable or better website design company on the web! The staff responds immediately to requests and your website is fully functional from day one. Working on my site is a blast, not a chore!

Rosanne Ferreri-Feske, Director of Marketing
The Wedding Guide of Middle Tennessee

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~Rosanne Ferreri-Feske
Nashville, Tennessee

We definitely wanted a web presence for our wedding as a central means which our guests could view, communicate and learn about the bride, groom and wedding party. We decided to go with We simply loved it! We got so many compliments on how nice our website was and the customizations really allowed us to create a unique wedding presence on the web. It was not a cookie cutter website, it allowed for us to create something that truly represented us. Even the support was excellent. I had an issue that turned out to be a problem on my end, but the support was able to help me during off hours identify the issue and ultimately resolve within a few minutes. Simply amazing! Even the largest service companies in the world have trouble providing that type of support. 5 stars for We continue to be a customer and have taken the website from a wedding theme to our permanent general family presence on the web. Truley Awesome.
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~Alfred & Andrea
Gilroy, California

I started researching which wedding website to use and after comparing a lot of the options, decided to start a trial with two companies. When I looked at the features of WedShare, I thought that it would end up being more useful. The main thing that impressed me about WedShare was the guest and event management tools. They recently revamped both and they are now very well integrated and impressive. Guests update their own contact information which will make mailing out invitations so much easier. In terms of event management, when you enter in your guests to the system, only these people can RSVP. You can choose which guests see which invitations ? so if you have a rehearsal dinner or brunch with a separate list on invitees, this is all taken care of for you. On top of that, as another reviewer noted, you can limit the number of reserved seats. I also really appreciated the privacy options. There are different levels, and we chose to restrict our entire site with a password that we included with our save-the-date e-mail. Also, when guests RSVP, they must retrieve a password to edit their contact info and RSVP status. (WedShare will auto-generate a password, but you can also create unique ones for your friends ? which was fun to do with inside jokes I have with several of them!) To be honest though, the biggest reason I chose WedShare was ease of use. Even how you order the pages of your website was so much easier to do. I can't say if there have been changes made since I first researched, but WedShare had the clear edge for me. Last, the customer service has been very good. They are quick to respond to e-mails and even took in many of my suggestions for changes. I do think the company continues to make improvements and there are small quips I have with how the site works like formatting text or parts of the event manager. But these are minor complaints to having creating a website that we are proud of and continue to get a lot of compliments from our friends. I think it's the best overall choice out there.
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~Ernie & Steph
Baltimore, Maryland

Wedshare, you guys have been incredible. Not only did you have a design that related to my culture you worked with me so that I could have a color scheme to match the colors I wanted. It looks amazing and my friends and family are amazed. Thank you Wedshare for making one more detail in my wedding beautiful!
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~Niral & Alpesh
Miami Beach, Florida

What started out as a way to ease RSVP's and save a few dollars on invitation inserts turned into the central repository for everything wedding related. I love it! My wedding wouldn't be the same without Wedshare. The designs are great, and the flexibility and ease of use is amazing. I am an amazingly satisfied customer and would recommend Wedshare to everyone to ease along their wedding planning woes. My favorite features are 1) Online Address book updating 2) Media gallery and 3) Online RSVP. In fact, I would recommend this website to anyone who wanted to start a personal website, wedding related or not. The price is right, and the tools and flexibility are amazing.
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~Sabrina & Chad
Danville, California

As a very satisfied customer I have to write a review to advise all bride-to-be not to bother with any other website services. This is definitely the best choice! The planning tools are excellent; the checklists, budget manager, payment tracker, etc. have kept me so organized. As for building our website, one word: unlimited web pages. Ok, a few more words; very unique designs that I haven't seen anywhere else, customizations couldn't be easier and customer service is A+. In short, WedShare have made our wedding planning a lot more fun & convenient.
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~Khathi & Boris
Valley Village, California

I did a lot of research about wedding websites before choosing In fact, I signed up for the trial runs with three other companies before deciding. This was the only website that offered what I needed, or that would at least allow me to use my own ideas. Two huge selling points for me? 1. The online RSVP. We wanted to save money by doing RSVP?s online. Wedshare allowed me to put in the names of the guests AND choose a maximum number of seats reserved for each guest. This was a big deal for us since we were trying to do this wedding on a small budget and couldn't allow our single friends to bring random dates. The other websites didn't allow for me to be in control of the RSVP. They gave the guest more say than the bride. A big strike for any women planning her wedding! 2. I was able to create an online journal where I can record some of the exciting things we?ve been doing during the planning process. This was a must for me! The thing that sealed the deal, was the customer service. During my trial with I would email customer service regarding anything I was having difficulty with and they would email me back, usually within the hour, with the solution to whatever I was dealing with. The customer service is fast, friendly and extremely efficient. Everything a stressed out bride needs!!! I have already referred to all of my single and soon-to-be married girlfriends. In fact, one friend already signed up for her own website through She agrees? they are amazing!
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~Melissa and Alex
Sherman Oaks, California

The team was great! They were very flexible in helping us design our website and would always promptly respond to our messages. They allowed us to design a site that was unique to us but at the same time had all the helpful features that are provided by the design template. I love my website, thanks wedshare!
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~Ankur & Karishma
Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is so much fun! Thank you! Your tools are so user friendly and the website designs are so beautiful. Our website is incredibly popular with family and friends, and your planning tools are a godsend. I don't know what we would have done without them! When my mother gets questions about the wedding, she just directs everyone to the website now, it's just so convenient. Thanks for making life a lot easier and our planning so much more enjoyable.
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~Alejandra and Troy
Morgan Hill, California

One of my coworkers is getting married in the same month as ours and they paid hundreds for a professional web designer to put a website together for them. In addition to the web designer's cost, they pay for their domain name registration and every month for hosting. The thing is, ours looks just as professional and stands out as more attractive than any wedding website I've ever seen! We constantly get compliments on it from friends and family. Thanks for such a fantastic service.
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~Barbara and Robert
Hollister, California

My mom was recently remarried and had the idea of putting her gift registry and maps to the church online. I volunteered to help, and happened to catch your presentation at a local wedding convention. When I set up the demo website, I was immediately sold. Thanks for making it so easy, and for letting me surprise my mom with such a wonderful gift.
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San Francisco, California

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